Dear Gossips,    

At our etalk morning meeting yesterday I derailed the conversation – with apologies – when one of our producers tried to talk about how good the latest episode of House of the Dragon is and I jumped in with… I don’t know her, I only know DO REVENGE. 


It’s the number one movie on Netflix around the world (probably helped by the fact that I had it on repeat). It is the child of Heathers and Clueless and Mean Girls and 10 Things I Hate About You and Jawbreaker and She’s All That and Cruel Intentions and if any of those movies means anything to you, then you will Do Revenge, if you haven’t already. And I’m not sure why you haven’t already?! 


Is it funny? Yes, very.

Is it smart? Yes, quite. 

Is it stylish? Definitely. 

Is there a makeover? Please. Of course. 

Is there romance? Sure. But not the kind you think.

That is, the story includes love interests but the only relationship you need to care about is the one between Camila Mendes and Maya Hawke. Their chemistry is electrifying. I now want them to host the Oscars. But mostly I want them to plot my demise. 


This is the new Hollywood BFFship for us to ship…

….until life imitates art and they Do Revenge on each other for whatever reason, maybe when Camila steals a script off of Maya’s coffee table and goes on to win an Oscar. I know you know that deep cut. 


Get that Glennergy and Do Revenge!


Yours in gossip,