There are some hardcore Diana loyalists out there who will not hear a nice word about Camilla. I keep mentioning Darren McGrady, the Queen and Diana’s former personal chef, who was on The Social yesterday but only because he gave us so much great insight. Apparently, after Diana died, he was asked to go and work for Prince Charles. Darren said that he considered the offer but ultimately declined because he could hear Diana’s voice in his head all like, you’re not really going to go and cook for that woman, are you? 


No matter what your feelings about Camilla though, you cannot deny that Princes William and Harry have respected her. That out of respect for their father, they have made her a part of their lives. That even though the tabloids have tried to make it so that there’s drama, there really hasn’t been at all. They have fully supported their father and Camilla’s marriage. Earlier we saw Princess Kate’s reaction to Harry and Meghan Markle’s engagement. Now it’s Camilla’s turn. 

She didn’t say their names either. But she said everything else. That was pretty effusive, right? And not just by royal standards? Or only by royal standards? I don’t spend a lot of time on Camilla. I don’t click on videos of her speaking. This is probably the first time I’ve heard her speak in years. So, being that I’m no expert on how she communicates, you tell me – is this the usual for her? If it is, she seems pretty verbally demonstrative and confident in what she’s saying and when she’s saying it. A solid endorsement of Meghan Markle.