Dear Gossips, 

I was holding this space today. Hadn’t written a word because I was hoping to write these words, set my alarm for 855am ET to turn on the TV and watch…



Is the Olympic 200m sprint champion! 

De Grasse already has a bronze medal in these games, finishing third in the 100m final earlier this week, the same medal he won in Rio behind Usain Bolt in 2016. In the 200m that year, he won silver to Usain’s gold. Now Andre finally has his gold, the king of the 200m. Even after major issues with his Achilles, with so many setbacks, Andre owns the Olympic 200m! 

Nearly 100 years since any Canadian has done it in the 200m, 25 years after Donovan Bailey was golden for Canada in Atlanta on the track in the 100m, and it was Donovan who just said on CBC that he was nervous but that the “legacy has been passed on”. 


Markham represent! Scarborough represent!


Yours in gossip,