I just saw something that made me laugh so, maybe, it’ll make you laugh too. This is short and quick and doesn’t require heavy lifting. And if it doesn’t do it for you, skip it and head to the next post. 

As I’ve been saying over the last few months, specifically during the pandemic, Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas have been our constant. Some of us find this comforting. And now, hilariously, even when they aren’t physically showing up, they’re coming through. 


There’s a cardboard cutout of Ana sitting in front of their house. Emily, our site manager, jokingly just asked me if Ana de Armas Updates did this, LOL. I don’t think they did. But they did post some photos of Ana playing with Ben’s kids and they have the cutout with them so… at some point it was in Ana’s possession and the bigger point here is that while we first saw them all out together a couple of weeks ago, and she was seen FaceTiming Ben and the kids, and in these shots they look like they’ve having a lot of fun, and enjoy each other’s company, and that’s good, it’s healthy, and silly too, from the looks of it. Silly is healthy too. And we also get to end the week how we’ve been ending so many weeks these days: with the steady presence of Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas. 

Also attached: Ben and Ana grocery shopping with Ben's daughter, Violet, today in LA.