Cardi B turned 29 years old yesterday and there was a big party in LA last night to celebrate. She was there, of course, with Offset who gifted her with diamonds and slippers …

Cardi's birthday gifts from Offset
Cardi's birthday gifts from Offset
Cardi's birthday gifts from Offset

…and fidelity, hopefully? In September 2020, so like a year ago, she filed for divorce. Nobody needs to ask why, we all know why. Then eleven months ago, six weeks after she filed for divorce, she cancelled the divorce. Shortly after that would have been when she got pregnant with their son, born six weeks ago. So things between them have been relatively stable for a year and they’re clearly going well right now as they were all over Paris for Fashion Week a few days ago and by her side for her birthday carnival. 


And the looks were served. Skin was served. 

Here’s an incomplete gallery of the guest list – Lizzo, Teyana Taylor, Winnie Harlow, Karrueche Tran, Snoop, Tiffany Haddish, Chance the Trapper, 2 Chainz… 

Partying is still a novel experience right now and since there were no parties for so long, people want to party whenever they can. I’ve been to a couple of parties, including a wedding, and all of them had vaccine mandates. And it was strictly enforced. Where I live it’s standard now – soon as you walk into a restaurant, bar, club, you pull out your vax card and your ID. A few of my friends went to a wedding reception this weekend with a vaccine mandate in place and rapid tests were provided to and asked of guests every 24 hours through the weekend. 


Los Angeles just passed the vaccine mandate last week but it doesn’t take effect until early November, which means it was not in place for Cardi’s party. Cardi has previously revealed that she spent a LOT of money getting people tested, before the vaccines were made available, for video shoots and other gatherings. Were similar precautions taken for her birthday party? Offset in particular expressed vaccine hesitancy but that way back in December 2020 and since then there hasn’t been much information on his vax status. 

But with more and more cities and events requiring proof of vaccination (like the Met Gala), this is becoming the incentive – and we’ll see it on the party circuit. If you want to party, if you want to gather some place and rock out, you’ll have to show your shot.