It used to be, at this time of year, during Paris Fashion Week in July, one beloved would give us everything – the looks, the camp, and allllll the feelings. That, of course, is Celine Dion. Fashion Week Celine was, well, the best. She’d come out of her hotel, knowing the photographers and the fans were waiting, and she would strut and pose and sing and wave and pop out the sunroof of her car and do some more of all of that, and we would live off those moments until the following day when she’d do it all over again. 


We miss Celine. But we are not asking for Celine to entertain us right now as fashion is not the priority for her. Our only hope for Celine is that she can recover. And that she can focus on her health in privacy. 

So, in the absence of Celine in Paris, in the immortal words of Yoda… “There is another…”

Her name: Cardi B. 

Cardi has taken over from Celine, swanning out of the hotel serving some stupidly good looks but the key to this isn’t just the clothes, it's the performance. It’s the performance of personality. Check her out in this bodysuit with the matching cape with the train, like royalty:

Cardi B out in Paris, July 4, 2023

And then there was another bodysuit but this time the category is ass, lol:

Cardi B leaving her hotel in Paris, July 5, 2023

The ass was also on display when Cardi went to Schiaparelli in an exquisite corseted dress that she wore with a velvet durag and a dramatic stole that she took off later. 

It was an entirely different aesthetic at Thom Browne who dressed Cardi in a headpiece and a tweed set that fit her perfectly and an adorable clock purse.


And she switched style gears again for Balenciaga in a sequin jumpsuit with a huge taffeta bow which, I think?, is supposed to be a handbag? 

Cardi is good for couture. And this is why couture loves Cardi. 


As for the presence of Offset – notable because as Stephanie wrote last week, there was some drama over accusations that she cheated on him which wasn’t a thing, as she said on Twitter afterwards, while throwing up one of the best lines of the year: 

“Can’t f-ck no regular degular shmegular ‘cause they gonna tell the world.”