Carey Mulligan is stepping into producer’s shoes for her new movie, On the Other Side. Mulligan will also star in the film, as Kate Webb, a Vietnam war correspondent who was captured and held by the Vietcong for twenty-three days. The project comes from an imprint of the studio that made Spotlight, so there’s an assumption of prestige and award dreams for this one.

I love this, I love to see actresses move behind the camera and have a hand in shaping their own movies. Partly because we need more women behind the camera in general, but also because I think, right now, it’s the best way for actresses to ensure they get good, complex roles. Look at Reese Witherspoon and Nicole Kidman collaborating on Big Little Lies, and how well it turned out. And Margot Robbie and her production company, or Brie Larson and Natalie Portman making the leap to director. There aren’t enough good roles for women, so women are going out and MAKING good roles for themselves.

But, of course, accomplishment isn’t the only thing that gets a woman headlines. The Daily Mail would like us all to know they think Mulligan is pregnant because she wore comfy clothes to dinner. You know how we feel about bumpwatch around here—it’s f*cking stupid. Is Carey Mulligan pregnant? Maybe! Is that the most interesting about her? No! Is wearing comfortable clothes a secret signal that you’re procreating? I’ve been pregnant my whole life! I don’t care if Carey Mulligan is pregnant. What I care about is that she’s producing her next movie, which means she’ll have a say in the hiring of the director. I’m super curious to see who ends up with the gig, and what kind of movie Mulligan makes for herself.

Here she is with Marcus Mumford last night in London.