We saw Chris Pratt and Anna Faris trick-or-treating together with their new partners at Halloween. Their conscious uncoupling wasn’t a performance. They’ve put it on paper – and their split is just as amicable on paper. No money drama. No custody drama. And they’ve even agreed to live close together for the duration of their son’s childhood. So, once again, there really was no scandal here. (Dlisted) 

I already want two of the things on Oprah’s Favourite Things. One of them is the foot massager. I have a foot massager but it’s pretty old and it’s one of those that rolls under your feet, which is fine, but not that effective because you have to press down on it to get the full pressure and that’s work. Oprah’s looks a lot more advanced. Also I had lasagna last night but it was store bought and sh-tty and I’ve never heard of a three-lasagna pan before and now I really want one, even though making lasagna is probably a pain in the ass. (Cele|bitchy) 

This dress on Carey Mulligan is a very Carey Mulligan dress. I love a Carey Mulligan dress. High collar. Long sleeves. Floral pattern. Ankle length. If I had to guess at the designer, I’d say this is Erdem. Because it’s also a very, very Erdem dress. (Go Fug Yourself) 
OK so the way I’m seeing this? Amanda is the one who jumps on the stick, tired as all f-ck of Steve’s goddamn mansplaining, thinking he knows the better way to do it. THIS IS MY LIFE I WOULD KNOW. (Pajiba) 

It’s done. Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck are no longer married, no longer estranged, no longer separated. Their status, officially, is divorced. And now that we know that, I wonder if we’ll see her soon with her new boyfriend? That’s her style. She’s that person, someone who observes the etiquette, the technicalities, right down to the paperwork. It’s old school. And it goes over very well with the MiniVan Majority. (TMZ) 

I’m big into the Avengers. Like, I don’t know the ins and outs and the nerdness of it all, but I’m all in for the movies, ever since I fell hard for the first movie – I’ve seen it probably over 50 times. So it’s not like I’m coming at this as a hater. But… if Avengers 4 is as long as they’re saying it is? I have some problems. Movies are too long! And people have to pee! I always have to pee! And some of us have to get home to our dogs! (The Hollywood Reporter)