Dear Gossips,

I’m writing this at 730am ET. I wonder though if by the time you read this it’ll have happened already, what I woke up waiting for: Carly Rae Jepsen’s new song, “Party for One”. I’ve mentioned before how much of an asshole I am for not mentioning enough my love for her last album, Emotion, and Carly Rae in general. So we’re fixing that. And it’s not hard because I haven’t even heard the full track and already I know I’m going to love “Party for One”. 


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There’s been speculation for a while now that Carly’s been working on a new album. Nothing confirmed so far whether “Party for One” is the first single off a new album but, I mean, that’s the hope. It would be great to head into, or settle into, the holiday season listening to Carly Rae in comfortable clothes, happily not leaving the house. (PS how is it November already, where did this year go?!) 

Carly will be headlining the Hudson’s Bay Holiday Wonderland Window Unveiling this coming Sunday in Toronto at Hudson’s Bay Queen Street both to kick off the holiday season and, obviously, to promote the single. 

I’m excited. Because I love her cover of Wham!’s Christmas classic, “Last Christmas”. Really, really, REALLY hope we hear it live this weekend after an entire weekend of listening to “Party for One” over and over again. I know it’s early-ish, but I’m embedding Carly Rae’s “Last Christmas” below. Sorry! I’m one of those people, my holiday shopping is done by Halloween…but I’m slightly delayed this year. It’s on my mind, I can’t help it, my goal now is to have everything done within a week.  

Yours in gossip,