Casey Affleck and Caylee Cowan went public with their relationship back in November. They’ve been together just over a year and now they could be engaged as Caylee was photographed the other day with Casey wearing what looks like an engagement ring – you can see the photos at Page Six


The photos I’m attaching here are from yesterday when Casey and Caylee were papped while out for lunch. (I can’t get over these two names, together, sorry.) According to the photographer, they were all over each other which… I mean…it’s not like you needed them to tell you that, you have eyes. They’re in that stage of love where if you were around them you’d want to not be around them. Or maybe that’s just me. 

Where the Afflecks are concerned, it’s Ben who gets so much more attention for his romantic relationships. Ben is definitely more famous, his relationships much more high-profile. But, you know, for all the mocking that Ben has gotten – sometimes meanspirited and sometimes affectionate – I’m pretty sure that we haven’t seen him on Instagram doing the eyes closed thing. 


I’m not talking about the eyes being closed while kissing. Most people close their eyes when they’re kissing someone. But closing your eyes when you’re NOT kissing your, um, lover is a specific kind of energy that feels even more intimate. And earnest. It's a public display of affection that is somehow also private. Like a public display of private affection. That combination of intimate and earnest is what Casey and Caylee are serving here and it’s wonderful that they’re so happy, I’m just saying where celebrities are concerned…I might, strangely, prefer a little more artificiality in the performance of love.