We’re behind on our Rihanna coverage here because of the collision of cultural events that have been happening this week. So here’s a catchup, because she’s stepped out a few times over the last few days. 

We’ll go chronologically. 


On Saturday Rihanna and Rocky were seen at a party, sending the paps into a frenzy because look at her wearing the sh-t out of this bustier and leather skirt situation. The next night she stepped out to meet some friends and the vibe was a lot more casual: a Balenciaga denim set, and you know what put this look over the top? That's a hoodie. A denim hoodie, like full denim, even the hood. That’s the part you don’t see that often. Not that it hasn’t been done before but I’ve seen it where the denim is a super super soft wash – and that doesn’t seem to be the case here with RiRi’s. 

Rihanna and Rocky are now in LA. At 1am last night they were photographed at a recording studio. Rihanna had what looks like a baby bag with her but the baby wasn’t with them. This has been Rihanna’s energy since the baby was born. You will see her but you will not hear from her. She isn’t active on social. We don’t know anything about their child. We don’t know what she’s working on – it’s access without information and it only adds to her celebrity. 

Here's the only thing we can be certain of though: for RiRi it’s bangs for fall?