Sarah Burton has presented her final collection at McQueen and it’s going to be very interesting to see who they bring in to take over the next era of the brand. Cate Blanchett was there to support her as she has been one of Sarah Burton’s most high profile fans. And only Cate could wear this red and black outfit that’s part cheesy birthday magician, part cheesy birthday vampire, and on her, all chic. (Go Fug Yourself) 


Issa Rae on etiquette…and I LOVE what she has to say about dinner parties. Like the food should be warm and ready to go because don’t we all show up to a dinner party hungry? I don’t understand the waiting around part. Let us walk in and be seated to eat! Also I’m with her on the edible arrangements. Never understood them and there’s usually a lot of honeydew and cantaloupe which are the worst melons of the melons. (The Cut) 

Dan Wootton is done at GB News and done at the Daily Mail and, again, I repeat, neither one of these outlets should be getting flowers for cutting him loose because after all his years of f-ckery, they had plenty of opportunity and they’ve done nothing. He’s apparently now being investigated by Scotland Yard for catfishing and sexual harassment and now there’s talk that he’ll have to go back to New Zealand because no one will go near him in the UK. But you know what made my eyes bug? HIS SALARY. They were paying this piece of sh-t SO MUCH MONEY. (Celebitchy)


Is there someone in your life who still thinks Elon Musk is a “genius”? I hope not, but just in case you do, what would happen if you sent them this post with this myth-busting video? Because he is overrated AF and it’s really not innovation that has made him a billionaire but greed.  (Pajiba) 

Miss Tina got her makeup done by the Blue Ivy Carter who will only show up on her grandmother’s Instagram by hand. Literally. She just gave her hand. She’s 11 years old and already she knows to be selective with her presence. (Teen Vogue)