I have…what my friends like to call a gift. It really is. And it makes them crazy. Just last week, Duana and Sasha were yelling at me about it. My gift, or my talent, is this: I can sleep. Anywhere, anytime. For as long as I want. I fall asleep in cars, planes, buses, if there is time to sleep, I will sleep. That’s not to say that I get a lot of sleep, because work, but it helps so much that I can sleep, no problem, and make the most of any window. On weekends I catch up on sleep – which means even after I’ve slept for 12 hours, I can wake up, eat, and go right back to sleep. Anyway, now I think I’ve annoyed you. So if you need sleep tips, please click here. (Cele|bitchy) 


Don’t click this link because it’s about a TikTokker who was stuck in a hotel room in Rwanda. Don’t click on it because you want to see another influencer crying. Click on it for the writing. I started screaming at “from the spelling of her name” and haven’t stopped since. (Dlisted) 

Cate Blanchett’s Venice Film Festival wardrobe this weekend consisted of a lot of pants. There were at least two jumpsuits, very casual. And a great sparkly blazer. But the standout piece for me is the palm tree print suit that I am want so badly but then again… where would I wear it? Should I put it on just to go from my closet down to the living room which is now my office and home studio?! (Go Fug Yourself) 

OK, OK. So it’s totally not cool that this dude is catfishing his wife. But… there is a man out there who is catfishing his wife and while that’s not fair to her, it’s slapped him back hard. And the fact that Jason Mantzoukas is inadvertently part of this is WILD. But of course it would be Jason Mantzoukas. I can’t get enough of this story, does that make me a bad person? How can we get his reaction to this? What will be the resolution to this? Is this already a movie?! (Pajiba) 

There are few bright spots, things to look forward to, but Baby Yoda is here to give you a reprieve. He covers a magazine. The first of many this fall, I presume. (The Mary Sue)