Dear Gossips,

Do you know what today is? Today is the anniversary of the birth of our Elusive Butterfly Chanteuse! She’s 50! 

I think…? 

It’s not really clear. Mimi, as we know, doesn’t celebrate birthdays, only anniversaries. And she doesn’t talk about the number. Which means that we can’t really do a milestone thing – I mean, we could, but I’m not sure she’d acknowledge it. She’s already wished herself a Happy Anniversary: 

Mimi posted that like just after midnight LA time. Midnight is still hours before Mimi usually goes to bed anyway, although I’m not sure if that’s changed in isolation. Mimi’s anniversary is usually the second most festive day of the year, after Christmas of course. There’s always someone around to plan a party, and if you didn’t know it was her party, you’d think it was a birthday party for a child. Her taste runs infantile when it comes to these occasions. (Not just these occasions.) 

Since we’re all SD-ing though… who’s going to put up balloons and bunting and get the cardboard hats?! 

We’ll see Mimi on Sunday night during the iHeart Living Room Concert for America. As I mentioned the other day, Elton John is hosting and the show will feature performances by Alicia Keys, Billie Eilish, Billie Joe Armstrong, Tim McGraw, and others, all of them performing from their respective homes, wherever they’re self-isolating. Which means that they’re all using and setting up their own equipment. 

In Mimi’s case, it means Bryan Tanaka will probably be setting up the shot. WHERE will the shot be though? Will Mimi be singing from a chaise longue? That’s set in her dressing room? Or … will she be in the bathtub? What will she wear? Who’s going to help her get dressed?! What about the glam squad? Is she doing her own hair and makeup?! I have so many questions. 

Like… the Backstreet Boys are part of the Living Room Concert lineup. As my friend M pointed out, are they self-isolating together? Because if they’re not, how’s that going to work? This concert is Show Your Work porn! (If it’s actually live and not pre-taped after several takes and edited together.) 

You can stream the concert on Sunday night here

Now back to Mimi’s anniversary. Bryan wants you to learn a dance and gift it to her as part of a worldwide tribute:


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