How are you feeling? Are you feeling ALL the feelings? There are probably a lot of reasons for all your feelings but one of them might be that today is the birthday of the Queen of All Feelings, Celine Dion! This is how her team celebrated – by posting a throwback. Um, that dress still works. I would wear it today. 


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I’m almost two weeks late on this and Sarah reviewed Tiger King last week but we only started it at my place this weekend so you can appreciate why I had to spend the rest of the time picking up the pieces of my brain. Joe Exotic and Dr “Bhavagan” and Carole Baskin and EVERYONE ON THIS SHOW broke my brain. Episode two was especially f-cked. Because every five minutes there was a revelation that was more bonkers than the last. Anyway, Cardi B has now jumped into it with her take. I love Chrissy Teigen as much as the next person but wouldn’t you LOVE a Cardi B courtroom show? (Dlisted) 

Have you been doing that “distance but make it fashion” on Sundays thing? Yesterday was Sunday. And the fashion came out on Twitter from the back of the closet. I have no interest in this but I will say that my toes are the jankiest f-cking sh-t right now. Jacek glanced at them today while he was shooting my etalk hit from home and started laughing uncontrollably, almost ruining the take. Can that be a thing instead? All of us showing our nasty ass grown out nails on Instagram? (Pajiba) 

My takeaway from this story is that Cecily Strong is underrated on SNL and when we’re all out of isolation we should do more to celebrate her. (Cele|bitchy) 

Around this time 25 years ago, the Oscars were happening. It was a Monday because, yes, the Oscars were broadcast on Mondays way back then. I know, right? Seems ridiculous now. Anyway, 25 years ago, Tom Hanks won the Oscar. And 25 years later he’s recovering from COVID-95. Life is a mind-f*ck. Also a mind-f*ck: some of the people on that Oscar red carpet. Next time the Oscars claim to be this exclusive thing about prestige and all that, remind them of who came that year. (Go Fug Yourself) 

Kumail Nanjiani and Emily V Gordon went for a walk and their outfits are making me want to get a look at their t-shirt collection because I think it must be really, really, really good. (JustJared)