I do not own anything from Kim Kardashian’s SKIMS. I do, however, know a lot of people, of various ages, who buy a lot of SKIMS, and they love it. For me, personally, I just don’t f-ck with body-con or shapewear. The way I prefer to wear clothing is for it to move away from my body and not come closer to it so the SKIMS aesthetic doesn’t suit me at all. That said, I can’t deny that Kim has been smart AF in the management of her brand. There’s obviously a huge market for the SKIMS look, it keeps selling and selling and selling, and this latest collaboration will continue that trend. 


Tuesday night was the opening of Swarovski’s newest flagship on Fifth Avenue in New York and a celebration of the Swarovski x SKIMS collection. And to be clear, this is Swarovski trading on the success SKIMS and Kim’s notoriety to increase their market share. They’re betting on Kim and SKIMS and for Kim this is a huge win. Like, even Gwyneth Paltrow showed up, and she may have been actually wearing some of the pieces – that body chain looks like it could be from the Swarovski x SKIMS drop, and she wore it over a white strapless fitted dress and a black velvet long jacket which she took off when she posed on the red carpet. 


Gwyneth showing up for Kim? Well, this is the influencer’s life, and G is an influencer now. Still, we all know how selective Gwyneth is about who she sucks up to – and the fact that she deigned to make it at an event where Kim was the headliner might tell us something about her motivations. What would a SKIMS x G Label collaboration look like? 

You know who really shut it down last night though? Teyana Taylor, as usual. That wasn’t officially a catwalk, but when Teyana is around, anything becomes a runway – as the kids say, she is insane for this.


And also, Jeremy Pope is insane for this: 

How is he so beautiful!?