Gwyneth did a Q&A on Instagram stories the other day and talked about The Goop Lab. Two answers stuck out for me. First, what practices from the TV show does she still use? Over 6 episodes of learning, she sometimes takes cold showers. The other question was about season 2; she said she doesn’t know yet but was hopeful. Netflix isn’t quite jumping to commit though, which is interesting. Sometimes they approve several seasons at a time.


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Someone turned Cardi B. into John Legend? 

Jennifer Aniston throws The Bachelor viewing parties. Who gets the invite? Actress Mary McCormack and Amanda Anka (Jason Bateman’s wife) were there. 


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Where do I begin… Martha Stewart posing with a Ferrari. All her tags being wrong. The second photo (click through to see) with her head cut off. I love the camo jacket over the dress. Influencers wish they could do this. 


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Have John Stamos and his wife Caitlin watched this scene lately? The husband was a literal ghost. 


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Married to the Mob came out in 1988 and The Fabulous Baker Boys came out in 1989. The power of hair! The last one is her now, at 61. Michelle Pfeiffer’s skin care routine and facials must be top notch but I also think sometimes it’s the work they don’t do, rather than the work they do, that makes the difference. It doesn’t look like she ever messed with the structure of her face. She’s let her skin age, rather than trying to pull it into the smooth LA face. 


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Have you seen the Kevin Hart documentary Don’t F*ck This Up? I’m only on the first episode, and it starts with Bryan Cranston pulling out of doing GMA with Kevin, because Bryan did not want to answer for Kevin’s homophobic behaviour prior to him quitting as Oscars host.

If you want to know how the response turned into such a clusterf-ck, watch this. It’s a fascinating study in ego and celebrity. Already obsessed with his publicist Haley Hileman – she must want to throttle his ass.


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If you flip through the photo album, Bella Hadid is on vacation with model/actor Lukas Sabbat. I don’t think this means anything though – he’s like an It bag; young actresses and models are all spotted with him at one point, usually walking down the street in New York or at a fashion party.


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Attached: Michelle Pfeiffer at the G'Day USA 2020 event on January 25, 2020 in Beverly Hills.