PEOPLE made an exclusive story out of a comment Shaun White made about Nina Dobrev at an event. When asked about an engagement, he said he was finished with the Olympics and had more freedom without pressure and added, "But you never know. We'll see what happens.” 


Not exactly an enthusiastic yes but in Shawn’s defence, this is an awkward question to be asked because if he is planning to purpose, maybe he wants it to be a surprise. And if they aren’t planning to get engaged, you don’t want that to be the headline either. Or maybe it’s already happened and they are waiting to announce it (or something else). This is the headline equivalent of the nosy aunt who puts you on the spot at a family dinner.


My temperature checks on the Beckhams have been less frequent because there’s no need as they seem as united as ever. The photo choices here are a wink to the criticism – she’s eating cake and smiling. Will the Beckhams attend the flop coronation? I would think yes. David still wants that knighthood.


New level of Martha Stewart has been unlocked: she has a small house for her woven baskets. She just had the roof redone.


John Leguizamo posted this on Twitter and it’s so wholesome. Do you think he made the graphic himself or had his assistant do it? The wording is definitely his.

Gwyneth is giving us a glimpse into her trial chalet. Cheers to “You skied into my f-cking back!” being a new part of the pop culture lexicon.


Baseball wives are having a moment for some reason and while I don’t follow professional sports, this tweet from a Toronto Blue Jay is too much to pass up because it touches on something extremely controversial: children on airplanes. 

I am with the flight attendant here, one million percent. I have flown with toddlers and babies and pregnant and I find flight crews (and 99% of other passengers) are pretty understanding and helpful. Also, what caused this kerfuffle is Sydney (the mom) texted her sister from the plane. And her sister happens to be Jesse James Decker, an influencer who is always getting into these kind of skirmishes. Jesse mentioned her sister is high risk and traveling with two kids but since her husband is an MLB player, maybe consider a nanny or an assistant who is paid to help you at times like this. The overwhelming response online is that this family has a Code Red case of the Karens. (It’s funny that he thanks people for the support when the majority of people were roasting him.)

Attached:  Shaun White and Nina Dobrev arrive at the 2023 Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival in Indio, California on April 14, 2023.