“A Black teenage girl…discovers she has identical powers to Superman” – that’s Ava DuVernay’s description of NAOMI, the new comic book superhero series premiering next week. Naomi will be played by Kaci Walfall. Can you imagine what the year ahead is going to be like for Kaci? She has just over 2K followers on Twitter and just over 6K followers on Instagram right now. I think that’s about to change. 


Speaking of industry newcomers, Scott Feinberg’s first Oscar projections of 2022 were published at The Hollywood Reporter yesterday and in the Best Actress category, right now, he has Kristen Stewart, Nicole Kidman, Olivia Colman, Penelope Cruz, and Rachel Zeglers as the frontrunners. Which means right now, on his list, Lady Gaga wouldn’t be making it. I wonder if this will hold up. 

Rachel Zegler's Instagram stories 

How often are you listening to Aaliyah now that her catalogue is available to stream? And how often WILL you be listening to Aaliyah when her posthumous album comes out later this month? 


If for whatever reason you missed out on Aaliyah and you need a song list, here’s a good start. I agree with the #1 song on this list. But the Aaliyah song I listen to the most is “At Your Best”. 

Ready for Euphoria? Only four more sleeps now. Season two premieres on Sunday night and …have you seen the promos? You can watch them here and ... I think we’re all sensing some Cassie and Nate drama, right? And Maddy probably won’t be able to leave Nate alone. Also looks like Maddy’s the one who’ll be connecting with Minka Kelly’s character. But for me, it’s Fezco. Please more Fezco. 


Simu Liu is looking back in 2021 – and I would too. What a year he had. Also, thank you Simu for making the first photo in this carousel a shirtless one. Never change!


BTS has been on holiday now for a few weeks, though you wouldn’t know it with all the pre-produced content they had lined up to roll out for when they were taking time off. Up next, the release of their webtoon 7 Fates: CHAKHO. And the announcement today about the soundtrack has had ARMY losing it today. Suga + Jungkook. My bias-assassin and my bias. Yep, I’m losing it too.