Are you a sweet or savoury morning person? I am savoury all the way and am dying to try Danny Trejo’s waffles with cornmeal and ancho chile - it is part of his new cookbook. I have a very underutilized waffle maker for just this reason. 


Sofia Richie’s wedding is getting a ton of headlines and this is obsession-by-association. I think most people, especially those over 30, don’t really know or have an attachment to Sofia beyond her being Nicole Richie’s sister and she dated Scott Disick. She’s not an influencer, she’s not a TikTok star, she doesn’t have a buzzy product line and as for work… I don’t know what she does. She’s not an It Girl as much as a sibling to one. But her wedding featured a lot of “gowns… beautiful gowns” and in that way fit Vogue’s mandate: a recognizable name meets affluence meets fashion.


Tucker Carlson is out at Fox News (which I found out about on Twitter). It’s giving me major “Syd is out at ATN vibes.” I think Tucker is a mole with a hair growing out if it in terms of his contribution to society but here’s a bit of gossip: long ago there was a rumour he had an affair with a popular actress on a very popular TV show. I still keep up with her on social media and she doesn’t seem to align with his political views (though I think he knows what he spews is bullsh-t and it’s just a race-to-the-bottom money grab). I always wondered why she didn’t blow it up over the years (she is not married) as he got more and more powerful and influential. Maybe she didn’t want to admit to hooking up with Tucker Carlson? Understandable. Who will play Tucker in the film about the rise (and hopefully fall) of Fox News? Christian Bale? 


Martha Stewart told Instagram to “smarten up.” Remember when she dropped her iPad (given to her by Steve Jobs, obviously) and told Apple to come fetch it. Classic Martha. 


John Leguizamo tips often and in cash. He carries hundreds just for this purpose. It’s a boss move if someone can afford it and he can. 


Page Six has the scoop on Lukas Gage and Chris Appleton reportedly getting married in Las Vegas with Kim Kardashian as their witness. Doesn’t seem like they are trying to be low key about it. 

Kim Kardashian's Instagram story