Kate Bosworth and Justin Long are ENGAGED engaged. Does the couple that podcasts together, stay together? I would like someone to run the stats on this. 


HBO Max is nearing a deal for a Harry Potter TV series and putting JK Rowling’s creepy obsession with people’s genitals aside, can these greedy goblins drive this legacy into the ground any harder? Find a new book! (I miss Alan Rickman.)


Adam Scott and Alec Baldwin both came up back-to-back in my feed so I appreciate that Adam took the time to list fellow celebrity birthdays. Do they still announce these on the radio in the morning? (Seeing all of Alec and Hilaria’s children, minus Ireland, in one photo is making me tired. So many babies!)


Scooter Braun runs a billion dollar company and posts like a tween whose parents are getting divorced. 

Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox continue to try to keep their flame alive, taking a trip to Hawaii together. The tropical vacation is often like a vow renewal, a Hail Mary pass at saving a relationship. 


Scarlett Johansson is featured on her skin care brand’s Instagram page but she doesn’t use or engage in social media, telling the The Skinny Confidential Him & Her podcast she’s too sensitive for it. This is smart decision and as someone who became famous at a pretty young age, she has been able to work her private and professional life wherein she pops up to promote her work and then disappears for long stretches. Even though she’s had a juicy personal life at times, she’s really not someone I associate with great gossip. Which, like not using social media, is probably better for her peace. 


Gerard Pique appeared on a podcast talking about how much he isn’t bothered by Shakira’s fans, which implies he isn’t bothered by Shakira. That’s interesting because he has responded in many ways to her break-up lyrics. He can say he’s unbothered but his actions aren’t matching his words. Meanwhile, Shakira and her children are making the move to Miami from Barcelona after he gave her full custody without much of a fight.