After a credible report from journalist Matthew Belloni on the Scooter Braun/Justin Bieber split, both teams have walked things back a bit and denied that there are any issues. (Belloni stands by his reporting.) Page Six is now swooping in with a story on Hailey being “very involved” with Justin’s business and in all the meetings. Sounds like whatever is going on, Page Six is trying to pin it on Hailey but if you think about it, why wouldn’t they be invested in each other’s careers? Particularly for Justin as he has struggled with touring his entire career but is still probably pressured to tour as it’s a huge money maker. 


Justin has relied on people like Scooter and Judah Smith to guide him through personal and professional life. That means those people also have a huge impact on Hailey’s life. Of course she wants to be in the room when decisions are being made. 


After a very successful season in Miami, the Beckhams take a victory lap. It’s David's work but like all things Beckham, the family moves together. Romeo is likely working and Brooklyn is living his own newlywed life (though I can’t imagine he doesn’t have a little bit of family FOMO here as he used to often travel with his dad when David was getting the team in place). When this Miami project began, Dan Wootton led the UK media charge and ragged on the Beckhams so hard, calling Victoria “seething and jealous” over “selfish” David moving to Miami. First off, he never moved. Second, since COVID he has rarely traveled without his family. Third, people in all different industries travel for work and most don’t pack up their families to join them every single time. Fourth, Dan Wootton STFU.


Like Sarah, I loved the first season of The Afterparty and the second season has grown on me. A big reason for that is John Cho, whose standalone episode was the best of the season. Also, he has never looked better. He always looks good but right now? Extra good. Studios are starting to cry about box office returns being affected by the lack of promo so I imagine shows like this are also losing out on views because this very large, very charming and fairly famous cast can’t promote their work. 


Today’s internet Main Character is a TikToker whose account is focused on “betrayal trauma” (her husband watched porn). For Oppenheimer they developed a plan for him to not see Florence Pugh’s boobs. The anti-titty committee. 


Leighton Meister got bangs! Like real, full-on bangs. How did I miss this. These bangs go as far back as March! (A lot of people are doing the white socks/loafers looks and can I just say I love it? Not for me but I love seeing it on other people.)