Leonardo DiCaprio started trending on Twitter as soon as PEOPLE broke the news that he and Camila Morrone are no more. Needless to say, he’s getting clowned. But the data is undeniable!


It’s the typo in this one that’s sending me…

Some people are asking very good questions though. Like this one: 

This tweet actually happened BEFORE the news broke!


But this is the one, the ultimate champion, the one that’s worth framing:  

Before Leo though, it was Tom Brady who was getting roasted on Twitter this week. Tom returned from hiatus and when he showed up at the press conference, people were preoccupied with his face, wondering if he took time off for a tune-up…which is what typically happens to women in the spotlight and not all-star professional athletes. To be honest, I can’t really see it. He looks to me like he always does but then again, I’ve always thought that he looks like he came out of a factory.  


Madonna did a rapid-fire Q&A and was asked about Britney Spears and now people are rubbing their genies in the hopes that this might happen. 

Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade are celebrating their wedding anniversary. I love the part in his vows where he talks about “choosing” every day. Because that’s a big really part of marriage, at least it is for me: choosing your person, making an active choice, daily, to be with them. It’s the power source of a relationship. That said… this music is…a choice. It feels like a Spielberg movie?! 

I gave you the heads up yesterday – it’s officially September 1 in South Korea which means it’s Jungkook’s birthday! He’s 25 years old and social media is all Jungkook right now. 


ARMY has spent a lot of money on this holiday. 

Speaking of spending a lot of money – this is what’s happening in Toronto: 

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