Gigi Hadid is teasing a new project and it’s likely in the home décor realm. She did a photo shoot for her New York apartment and her style is very busy. Coloured pasta cupboards are a bold choice.


Hot Rod is a cult classic? With this cast I believe it. I don’t know if I’ve heard (or would recognize) a quote from this movie. I’m going to have to check with Sarah on the cult classic status, she will yell at me if it’s something I need to see.

Kids in the Hall meets Molly Shannon – this is a comedy nerd fever dream. 


InStyle is right, Instagram is dusty for a bunch of reasons and I do think back fondly on the heyday of Twitter when celebrities like Rihanna, Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus and more were very candid. Of course that couldn’t last, but Twitter is still my favourite social media platform. Where else can you find a joke like this and an audience that gets it?

Keanu Reeves will star in Devil in the White City, which has been in development for over ten years with Leonardo DiCaprio and Martin Scorsese to produce. I do wonder if Leo planned to star in it when he secured the rights but changed his mind as it moved to a TV series. Nearly everyone works with streamers now but Leo is a holdout in a few ways: no superhero movies and no series television.


I don’t know how much time The Rock spends in California because he usually eats his cheat meal on a plane. How is it his first time EVER having In-N-Out? He praised the fries, which is interesting because In-N-Out fries suck. Especially compared to McDonald’s fries (which MUST be hot and fresh). I don’t even think that’s a debate. But I don’t know if I would trust his opinion on fries because it’s not like he indulges on a regular basis. He probably eats one potato a year.

Page Six is right up in Emily Ratajkowski’s business and while she hasn’t filed for divorce yet, she seems done. The quotes in this story are so weird, like this one: “What they had is really special. All of their friends loved watching them in the papers and in the headlines.” What does that even mean? Their friends enjoyed reading Page Six’s coverage of the relationship? 


Deep in Antonia Desplat’s photo album are some pictures of Charlie Hunnam from the Shantaram set, the only ones I could find of him with a date. And these are from December 2021! Either he’s really busy or really underground. Has any almost-movie star dipped out of public eye as much as Charlie has?