Earlier this week, Rihanna showed off a video of her son on TikTok, it’s very personal and homemade and adorable. The first sanctioned photos, obviously a huge exclusive, went to Jason Lee from HollywoodUnlocked (see the photos here). Lee is a vocal figure in media and many wondered, why him? Rihanna could have posted the photo to her Instagram but instead she chose to give it to Jason and a Black-owned website for the benefit of his business. It has left some fans scratching their heads. Some people are calling out Jason and HollywoodUnlocked for putting a watermark on the image but this is standard practice. Getty Images watermarks and is extremely proprietary. As is TMZ. No one wants to give away their exclusive.  



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This clip of Edie Falco forgetting all about Avatar is so funny and in her defense, it’s been four years! That’s a very long time and it’s not like she had any control over the finished product. She did her work and moved on. (Speaking of Edie, if you want to watch one perfect episode of television to escape the family over the holidays for about an hour, it’s Whitecaps. Season four, episode thirteen of The Sopranos, possibly the greatest marital fight scene in TV history.) 


The nepo baby conversation continues and the best thing any of them can do about it is ignore it or acknowledge it like Eve Hewson (daughter of Bono) does. But because these are celebrities, there will absolutely be one huffy and defensive person in the bunch who will say he/she worked “twice as hard.”


Saw this photo and was reminded of an iconic quote by Dwight Eubanks: “Dreadful… a fashion show with no fashion.” This wasn’t a fashion show but it was a birthday party for Lauren Sanchez with her helicopter cake and a lot of… outfits. Expensive, sure. But expensive doesn’t mean stylish. 


The Funny Girl handover was a mess but the result was worth it for the producers. At a time when live theatre is struggling, Funny Girl is breaking box office records. Lea Michele is a punchline on Twitter (which she’s well aware of, even leaning into it) but this has to feel really good. It’s very “I’ll show them!”