Actors talking about the TV shows they love is a no-fail red carpet exercise and Haley Lu Richardson’s answer cracked me up, it’s perfect. 


We know Martin Short is THE BEST. A national treasure! And it’s no surprise that he would, unprompted, give up his seat so a father and child could sit together. A national treasure!!! I hope Chance has an opportunity to watch Only Murders in the Building. And then Primetime with Jiminy Glick, which he will have to pirate because I don’t think it’s streaming anywhere (a crime). But are we wondering why Chance and his child are not sitting together? I have two thoughts on this: first, he probably doesn’t book his own travel and someone on his team either mucked up or assumed that children are seated with parents (this is not always the case). The next obvious question is: why not pre-book seats? I travel pretty often with my kids and it’s very rare, but our pre-booked seats have been moved around and we’ve been separated. And while a couple or group asking to switch seats is controversial (personally I find it tacky and annoying for adults to do this), I think child-free people and parents can all agree no one wants to sit next to a young child that is not their responsibility. This is common ground.


Another day, another Pink post. This time she’s clarifying her comments and mentions sexism, writing “art can never be the focus when you’re a woman.” Celebrity feuds are a bedrock of gossip and have been forever – Drake and Kanye, Justin Bieber and Shawn Mendes, Michael Jackson and Prince. Mariah Carey and JLo. Fleetwood Mac. The Gallagher brothers. Even the men she’s mentioned have had skirmishes: Robert DeNiro scolded Jay-Z for not returning his call and it was widely reported on. Christian Bale’s on-set audio still comes up. Bradley Cooper is pretty private and not interviewed enough to have beef. The pop star feuds may be covered differently (partly due to their fan reach) but I think the appetite for the gossip is there for both men and women. And for Pink’s entire press cycle, this has been a one-sided beef as Christina Aguilera hasn’t even responded. 


Camila Morrone is on the rise right now thanks to Daisy Jones and the Six and her break-up with Leo was obvious timing for him but probably good for her as well because the relationship questions are not hanging over her. No matter what happened behind the scenes, it was a clean public break. 


Over the last few years, monochromatic bodycon dressing has become somewhat synonymous with Kardashian style and trickled down to fast fashion. Here’s Uma Thurman, who I am biased towards because I think she’s inherently stylish, in head-to-toe suede (I think?), fitted but not exactly body-con and looking so international. 


One more fashion post because it’s Tracee Ellis Ross and she’s so fashionable that I feel like she and her stylist Karla Welch don’t get enough credit? Like we expect a banger from her every single time and she delivers every single time. Lately, she’s been favouring statement bracelets with gowns and it’s so good.