Reese Witherspoon has an update on The Morning Show, which is close to wrapping. Are you sticking with it for season three? 


The styling here is so 80s, it looks like a Robert Palmer video but I am into it! We’ve had enough tastefully muted beige covers to last a decade. 

My Instagram algorithm is driving me nuts and always out of order no matter how I arrange my settings. The upside? This November video of Kyle Chandler talking about being married for 27 years and doing the Camino de Santiago with his wife  – hubba hubba. 


If you shop on Amazon, have you noticed how it’s kind of janky now? It’s not your imagination and there’s a Washington Post article on the how and why of it that I found interesting. Maybe Amazon’s next move will be to try to polish up their brand with celebrity partnerships. There is a “celebrity storefront” section that doesn’t seem very popular. I think if they want to go big, it will be with a new celebrity lifestyle brand that is exclusive. It would need to be a partnership, like Adidas had with Kanye. It ended in shambles but was very successful (and influential) for a time. Who do you think Bezos would give up a piece of the pie for? Considering Gwyneth says he doesn’t respond to her emails, it would have to be a big, singular name. Who is the biggest right now? Rihanna’s Fenty lingerie sells on Amazon and her shows are on Prime.