Olivia Wilde posted a throwback photo of herself and mentioned this was taken at a wedding. Judging by the outfit, it doesn’t look like the wedding she attended with Harry Styles because at that one, she was wearing a pink Gucci headband wrap. Is this her go-to wedding hairstyle? This led me to Google her and she does indeed wear these types of head coverings a lot for red carpets. Maybe it’s a good option for long days because no touch-ups are required. 


Megan Fox gave Machine Gun Kelly a birthday shoutout and kept the Instagram comments closed (as she has for a while). What I’m looking at is the background, including the coral pieces (I think?) on the shelving and the fast food drink tray. The style of the furniture makes me think this is a hotel room. I just don’t see this as their décor.


Young legend Lourdes Leon is in Vanity Fair, signaling that she’s ready to step into the spotlight. She’s 24 and didn’t jump into fame as soon as she finished high school or in college – she has taken her time and still might opt out. She’s the opposite of thirsty and her answers to the Q&A mention Real Housewives, Jersey Shore, Marc Jacobs, and bell hooks. She’s a modern woman.

Zac Efron has been living in Australia for the past year or so but Page Six is reporting that he and his girlfriend have now broken up. They met in Byron Bay and were looking for a house there together (it’s become a celebrity retreat) and in January PEOPLE ran a story with sources saying he now considers Australia his home and he has no plans of moving back to LA. His residence in Los Feliz is still listed for sale here.


Lainey and I have both mentioned Channing Tatum’s new book The One and Only Sparkella, about a dad and his daughter (and I have to admit Lainey’s Gossip Genie matchmaking is damn good). Since he and her mother Jenna Dewan reached a custody agreement in January 2020, there haven’t been any public hiccups in their arrangement. Channing still follows Jenna on Instagram (she doesn’t follow him) and I wonder now, will she promote the book seeing as it is inspired by their daughter? I don’t think they are on bad terms but this is a very Hollywood, very unique situation to navigate.

Hailey Bieber for Vogue Paris is very 80s chic. People get really down on Hailey but I actually think she’s an underrated model. 


Did you know that Rachel Bilson and Melinda Clarke (who played Julie Cooper) are launching a podcast, Welcome to the OC, Bitches!, on April 27? I can’t commit to a re-watch of the entire series but I would re-watch key scenes re-enacted on TikTok.


Throw back to Marissa and Ryan’s first meeting. This pick up line really worked! #fyp #theoc #welcometotheocbitches

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