Shakespeare wishes he wrote this.

Children shouldn’t be on social media (for obvious reasons) and I feel bad for Jacob Tremblay, who seems like a very genuine and sweet boy. But is spoiling something for someone a form of “bullying?” Even the adults don’t know and the replies to this are a mess. (Adults: don’t reply to a literal child on Twitter!). Sarah and I don’t mind spoilers at all – sometimes knowing the ending actually helps me enjoy something more, but I know we are in the minority. The Avengers movie and Game of Thrones have brought up a lot of discussion about spoiler culture – does it stifle discussion? What is the grace period around a release versus being able to openly discuss plot points?  At what point are spoiler-phobes actually ruining it for the rest of us? And with that rant, I give you the most spoiler-free photo I could find. (I’m not linking to Jacob’s initial tweet because he’s 12, but it’s still up if you care to find it.)


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A few years ago, I learned about a concept called The Streisand Effect. It is the “phenomenon whereby an attempt to hide, remove, or censor a piece of information has the unintended consequence of publicizing the information more widely, usually facilitated by the Internet.” (Source). Over the weekend, Diane Kruger posted a photo of her and her daughter (with her face covered) that was published in a European tabloid magazine, threatening to sue. And maybe she will sue them, because Europe has much more stringent pap laws than North America. But by sharing that photo, she made so many more people aware of it and spread the image (that she didn’t want people to see) further than the tabloid did. Many, many people commented that she was simply drawing more attention to the photo by posting it, and she pulled it down. What made her change her approach?


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I can see why SJP waited for a special occasion to wear this dress – it’s really, really great. For some reason, I thought she skipped the MET Gala last year but she didn’t - she wore this. As usual, on theme and committed. What will she pull off for the camp theme this year?


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Omaze does an incredible job coming up with unique experiences for charity, like a sunset hike with Noah Centino. If he’s really on his game, he (or his publicist) should pack some Yakult to enjoy at the top.


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50 Cent got into a social media feud with someone from Vanderpump Rules and her fiancé, who has worked with 50. This is my love language. If you want a full rundown, hit The Cut, they know what’s good.