Robert Downey Jr. is a Hollywood big boy, someone who wields a lot of power and is the emotional foundation of Marvel, a franchise that has literally changed the film industry forever. He’s well-liked and very well-respected by his peers and one thing I’ve heard quoted about him, again and again, is that he’s “the only faithful man in Hollywood.” It’s a very specific compliment and if you look through his feed and watch his interviews, he is a Wife Guy. 


Speaking of Hollywood heavyweights, I was driving the other day and the radio played a clip from what I think was Dax Shephard’s podcast and he was talking about The Rock and how Tom Cruise, despite his Scientology ties, is much more well-liked than Dwayne Johnson. (If you know which episode, let me know! I want to hear the whole conversation.) I am not a Hollywood insider but I can understand what Dax is saying here because the whole Black Adam thing kind of stinks, doesn’t it? Like I feel there’s something in the air that hasn’t been outright said about how everything went down. 


When I have a layover, I eat too much terrible airport food and buy an ugly sweatshirt from one of those random airport stores. This is what Martha Stewart does.

I need to know if Greta Gerwig made the Canadian connection or if it’s just a coincidence. 


In 2021, Liv Tyler and David Gardner (who is David Beckham’s right-hand man and business partner) split and she reportedly moved back to the US and worked on one of those 911 shows. She is low key but has a lot of celebrity friends and I’d like to Gossip Genie her with Justin Theroux (they seem to be friends). Thoughts?


When I saw this ad for Louis Vuitton featuring Justin Timberlake I was like oh that’s an “interesting” choice because Justin is not super hot right now but when you factor in Pharrell and JT’s friendship, it makes a lot more sense.


If there isn’t a Millennial convincing their Boomer boss to greenlight this film right now at a streaming service, I don’t know why we bother with subscribing to any of them. This should have a bigger budget than Avatar. (Thanks Angela!)