Not that any of us are looking for parenting advice from Kristen Cavallari, but there was an US Weekly headline so regressive it caught my eye: “Kristen Cavallari Says It Is Harder Raising Girls Than Boys: It’s A Lot of Drama.” Her daughter is 5. Um, WTF, is this still a thing? Again, I’m not looking for enlightenment from Kristen Cavallari but it’s rare to see something so blatantly gender-biased. CHILDREN are dramatic, period. Boy, girl, questioning, intersex, non-binary – it doesn’t matter. Have you ever cooked a grilled cheese “too dark” or bought the wrong colour socks or forgotten a field trip day? (I did this once when my son was in kindergarten and now he’s in grade 4 and I still hear about it.) Those are all causes for an eye-roll, a “roast,” a pointed criticism, a stand-off or a meltdown. Raising kids with a “boys are easier” mindset is as outdated as a bandage dress with platform peep-toe Louboutins.


Channing Tatum is launching his children’s book The One and Only Sparkella with a virtual tour. COVID has f-cked up a lot of work stuff for a lot of people and it’s a shame that this can’t be an in-person book tour because can you imagine the horned-up post-pandemic parents dragging their kids through a bookstore to get a minute with Channing Tatum? I would guess some single aunts and uncles would offer to babysit a child, any child, for the afternoon so they could get face-to-face with him. He’s still single, I think?


Britney Spears got her vaccine (it seems like the first shot) and said it was easy-breezy. Her hair and makeup look good and she sounds good, too. One thing that caught my attention is that she said she heard on the internet that the vaccine was like a “bullet going through your arm” and it wasn’t, she didn’t feel it. Um, who is saying this shot is like a bullet in the arm? It’s one regular needle. What “internet” is she reading?

Hailee Steinfeld (who is on a great streak of work with Dickinson and Hawkeye) posted a bunch of random photos and I’m interested in the first one as she’s wearing a plaid shirt jacket, otherwise known as a “shacket.” These are really good for early spring weather when it is still cool in the morning. I have a floor-length purple/blue version that I wear quite a bit but now I’m looking for a shorter version and this green/purple combo is really doing it for me. 


Halle Berry is in LOVE love. All the feels right here. She’s also been very open and funny on social media lately, especially Twitter. Also, still extremely hot. 


Frans are having a cultural moment, with Fran Lebovitz in Pretend It’s a City (she’s also interviewed in the trailer for Ziwe’s new Showtime series!) and The Nanny starring Fran Drescher streaming on HBO Max. Now I want to read a Fran on Fran interview but I don’t know who should be the interviewer and who should be the subject. Maybe they could switch halfway through.