There are certain shows that have their own celebrity orbit – like The Bachelor or Big Brother. Even if you don’t watch it, there’s some familiarity to the names and storylines. That’s how I feel about Dancing With the Stars, which has been on so long that the dancers are sometimes more famous than their celebrity partners. The reason I clicked on the story about Matthew Lawrence (who was married to Cheryl Burke) is not for any of that – it’s for Chilli, who I love. I have no idea if they met up as friends or more, but I do want to point out that she is 51 and looks 19. Seriously, her face!


This TikTok should be nominated for an Oscar, a Grammy, a Peabody and possibly a Nobel Peace Prize. Streamers should be fighting to develop a series with Christian King. It’s the voice, yes, but it’s the laugh. And the blinking.


I had to do it one time for the one time #beyonce #renaissance #breakmysoul

♬ original sound - Christian King

We’re a few days out from the Kete (Kim and Pete) breakup and the “Pete Davidson spotted with Queen Elizabeth” memes have died down. As I wrote earlier in the week, everyone is looking at Emily Ratajkowski but um, have we considered Lori Harvey? Just think on it: she and Michael B. Jordan reportedly broke up because he wanted to take it to the next level and she didn’t. Pete is all about intense bursts of monogamy. That might suit her vibe right now. 


Succession writer Georgia Pritchett posted a photo of some of the women from the cast and we know Shiv, Geri and Willa are really entrenched in the family. Rava is the outlier, the person who doesn’t really f-ck with the Roys because she sees them for who they are. (For me, the only plot hole from last season was the kids in Italy with Ken. She is way too sensible to let them go alone with their dad.) Does this photo mean we will see more of Rava and Ken together? He’s terrible for her (and she’s pretty healthy about it) and in a way, their scenes are always saddest because you see the outline of who Ken wants to be. 


There are two things I enjoy about Justin Theroux: Kuma and his friendship with Amy Sedaris (who was best person at his wedding to Jennifer Aniston). 


Every movie star makes a few stinkers and Jason Momoa (who successfully straddles film and streaming) said that his bomb is Conan the Barbarian. I wonder if it will see a bump in views over the next few weeks because I’m sure many people hadn’t even heard of it. And in more Jason Mamoa news, there are rumours floating around (again) that he and Eiza Gonzalez are back together. How long until we get another gushing article in PEOPLE?