I don’t read a lot about Riverdale or its stars but this headline made me LOL: Lili Reinhart says actors aren’t allowed to ‘kiss with tongue’ on CW shows. Do any network shows allow tongue kissing? Like do people go full open mouth on Grey’s Anatomy or NCIS? I don’t know if this rule is CW specific. 


Eniko and Kevin Hart had two celebrations this week: her birthday and their anniversary. For his anniversary post, it’s an interesting photo choice because she’s barely in the shot and the cake looks like it has a photo of him on top of it. Inside joke? Maybe. If you watched his documentary, I can understand why they may be strained. He f-cked up, he got caught (quite spectacularly), and she forgave. Maybe I’m reading too much into it, but there’s something strained about them. Not in their words but in their vibe.


Gwyneth Paltrow is joining Shark Tank as a celebrity guest investor, and this isn’t the first time she’s done a show like this before (no one remembers Planet of the Apps). She often posts about her investments in the wellness space but one thing I’ve found interesting about Goop is that a few years back, she said she wanted to step away from being the face of the brand and have it stand on its own. It seems that right now, she’s more integral to the brand than ever, especially as it has moved from editorial-based content to retail. Is there even a world where Goop exists without her specific strain of viral ridiculousness?


Aidan (aka John Corbett) is joining And Just Like That…, a continuation of fan service that guides this show. One of the most frustrating elements of this series is that it completely ignores social overlap.  Weren’t Aidan and Steve pretty tight? What happened with that. And did Charlotte and Miranda both cut contact with Samantha, someone they’ve been friends with for years, over Carrie? Why not explore that storyline, which would have a lot more tension than Carrie being left on read. But it was a smash hit that generated an huge amount of social media conversation, so really the writers won. 


Have you seen the yelling girl meme on Twitter? I’m basic so I love it, I love all of them. But this one is my favourite so far. (Thanks Julie!)