Lainey wrote about Lily Allen’s fashion show and it continues with very glamorous, very planned looks. Like Lainey, I appreciate the effort she is putting into this because by capitalizing on the pap attention she receives in the UK, she is ensuring her show is promoted. 


I have received a few questions about her marriage to David Harbour and while I don’t know anything, the social media signs are… not great. She has not posted about him in ages and the last time he posted about her was in February (their AD cover). 


Ariana Grande has continued her work commitments but the comments remain restricted. This could be because of her personal life or her professional life. Between Ethan and Scooter, Ariana is surrounded by messy men!

Obviously every Beyonce tour look has been insane (that’s an understatement) but the yellow and black feels extra special because… BEES. For the Beyhive! 


The comments are divided on this Vogue France cover but I love the structure of the high collar, the richness of the colour and fabric and yes, even the bleached eyebrows. 

Another September cover – Hailey Bieber serving “80s boss bitch” on the cover of V Magazine and yes I love the shoulder pads, the pinstripes and the severe eye makeup with red lip. 


Camila Alves is making headlines for commenting about her mother-in-law being mean to her but I also found her comments on Matthew McConaughey interesting. He is not the laid-back bongo guy. She says he is minimalistic, prepared and very punctual – and I believe it! The first run of his career could come down to luck and opportunity, but the continuation of it and the reinvention halfway through (when he went from rom-com duds to an Oscar) takes work, calculation and a bit of shrewdness. 


Kaia Gerber and Austin Butler visited Karlie Kloss and Joshua Kushner’s new baby (and it looks like they were joined later by Misha and Mikey Hess). They sat outside on the deck and Kaia held the baby. Karlie and Joshua are pretty private about their baby so it doesn’t seem like a set-up but the photos are very clear and seem close (could be a long lens used from the public part of the beach). The photographer got all the angles, especially of Austin Butler.