Heather Morris is best-known for her work on Glee but before that, she was a successful back-up dancer. She posted a clip from her podcast where she talks about an audition for Jennifer Lopez and says that after a full day of work, JLo came in and cut all the Virgos. 


This is so fascinating to me, partly because I don’t care about or understand astrology. JLo is a big astrology person and has been known to seek the advice of psychics – she’s into some mystical stuff, as many people are. But if she didn’t want to work with Virgos, why did she even allow Virgos to audition? Like why not check birthdays and ask people to go home early? These poor dancers spent the entire day there, if you believe Heather’s telling of the story. And in a showbiz twist, Heather Morris danced for the Queen of Virgos, Beyoncé – on a world tour and on the Single Ladies promo tour.

Sarah and I talk about Jon Bernthal constantly but this time I have a different reason (not sexiness). He has been promoting the hell out of his podcast Real Ones and released a trailer for it and in it are his usual guests as well as a celebrity who really stuck out to me – Shia LaBeouf. 


Shia has been laying low since FKA Twigs filed her lawsuit against him (for sexual battery, assault, and affliction of emotional distress) and the trial is set for April 2023. It’s hard to tell when this podcast was recorded/ filmed – after the filing, I assume? I could not find Shia’s episode in a list of current episodes. How can this conversation even really happen if, presumably, the lawsuit can’t be discussed? I can’t imagine any lawyer would allow their client to appear on a podcast. Jon (and the team producing this podcast) should absolutely be aware of what is going on, so including Shia in this teaser, regardless of when the podcast was recorded, is definitely a choice.

I know fashion is cyclical and things go in and out of style but the disc belt? That needs to stay dead and buried. 


Jenna Dewan stars in a new Lifetime movie called Let’s Get Physical in which she plays a fitness instructor by day and madame by night. How much pole dancing does Lifetime allow?

If you notice an uptick of these Renu Therapy posts, it’s because it seems like the company is doing a push with celebrity influencers (like Gwyneth Paltrow and Patrick Schwarzenegger). It’s a cold plunge tank and Japanese hot soak. Serious question - and I’m not being facetious – why can’t someone just do this in their bathtub?


Cher and Tina Turner hung out and Cher teased a photo which I haven’t seen yet. Not that either of them owe us a photo, but I would like to see it. 

Look, pet people (dog, cat, bird, reptile) are a devoted bunch. Pets are part of the family and families are complicated. So complicated that a new dog was rumoured to be the final straw in Sylvester Stallone and Jennifer Flavin’s marriage. Now we know that relationships and life are more complicated than that and marriages break down over time - it’s usually not one thing that will ruin a relationship. But damn if Dwight the Rottweiler isn’t catching some heat for this. Sylvester Stallone clarified with TMZ that of course the divorce is not over the dog (he’s defending his good boy, as any good owner would), but years of growing apart. Enough with the Dwight slander! Team Dwight.