The trailer for You season three dropped and I’ll be honest: I’m a little nervous. The tone is very Dexter, that’s all I could think about while watching  it, and Penn Badgley’s (very recognizable) voice sounds different. Also… and if you haven’t finished season two and don’t want it spoiled STOP NOW…  this will be a spoiler…. you ready?


... the focus is on the baby and Joe’s existential crisis about fatherhood. This is part of my concern as season two ended on a perfect note: Joe spying a neighbour who could be his new obsession. That is the Joe from the book: he stalks a “perfect” woman and uses control and violence to mimic the conditions of a loving relationship. What made the ending of season two work is that he had it all: his girlfriend, a baby on the way, a domestic life he always thought he wanted, but that doesn’t satisfy him. He is always looking for the next person to fixate on and maybe that’s the baby. But lots of parents obsess over their baby and babies are reliant on their caregivers. This would not be unique to Joe. So where’s the conflict?


Keeping on the book theme, Luckiest Girl Alive is being filmed right now with Mila Kunis and Connie Britton and Justine Lupe. It’s been a long time coming and again, I’m interested in how they will bring deep trauma to the characters.  


Flip to the third photo and check out the shape of Dua Lipa’s bra top. That’s what I’m calling it because it’s not exactly a crop, but it’s not just a bra either. Hers is knit and has sleeves (we’ve seen knit bras before) but there are other versions floating around. Kourtney Kardashian is in Italy with Travis Barker (seeing him work through his fear of flying has been kind of heartwarming!) and she’s wearing a denim version (see photos).  


Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade have been in Europe with family and friends for at least a couple of weeks and her outfits have been sick – these are two of my favourites. The blue dress is still available.  The silk pantsuit is Tory Burch and looks like it’s sold out.