David Beckham can handle jokes about his high-pitched voice – the Beckhams are aware of their public persona and can lean in to be self deprecating.  I haven’t heard him speak in a while, but is it really high-pitched or is it just very soft? I always found him more softspoken than squeaky. 


Helen Mirren had a time at the Dolce & Gabbana show. The all-cap VIN DIESEL is cracking me up so hard. 

If I were told to imagine Elton John lounging around at home with his family and what they would be wearing, this would be it. These are customized Versace robes and there are a few versions available right now, including the multicolour with signature Versace-print belt. I think this will sell out quick (and be all over Instagram in a couple of weeks, if it isn’t already). 


Priyanka Chopra is stunning and always gives good face and even by her own high standards, I love this Vogue cover. Usually a red dress doesn’t do it for me, but the way this Dior gown is juxtaposed with really simple hair and makeup, almost a no makeup look, is what’s interesting. This dress is fit for a red carpet and if it was worn that way it might be worn with a fussier hair style or more “done” face or lots of diamonds which, in my opinion, would lessen the style factor. And the credit goes to Fashion Director Priyanka Kapadia Badani and stylist Nathan Klein, hair stylist Sam McKnight and makeup artist Wendy Rowe. 


Yesterday we talked about the boob top (as seen on Dua Lipa and Kourtney Kardashian) and then Megan Fox posted with an underboob top which, for some of us, would be a dangerous game to play. I mean, I could never but she can and she knows she can. And why she should pretend otherwise? After so many years of being treated as a punchline, she is now in control of the joke. 


Mayor of Kingstown made me think of Mare of Easttown (miss her sandwiches) and I can’t be the only one to connect these things in my head. Anyway, Jeremy Renner posted it but you know who I’m looking at, right? Coach Taylor. Out of focus in the shot but getting all of our attention. And Dianne Wiest, who is amazing in everything. I don’t have strong feelings about Jeremy Renner as an actor (he’s good I think?) but he does confound me as a celebrity, with the app and music and protective fan base and his Instagram captions. The show sounds interesting.