Is Katy Perry’s caption a bit of a knock on PEOPLE? Flip to see the second slide, a mock cover with an album announcement (Smile, coming out at the end of this month). There’s also the bigger question of how to package a baby and a new album into a bite-size headline. If it was Harry Styles having a baby with someone (just an example) and announcing a new album, what do you think that promotional cover would look like? It would probably include both bits of news, right?


It’s almost time for Vogue’s September issue, which still means something. Let’s speculate. I’m going with Gigi Hadid shot by Zayn Malik because that is exactly Anna Wintour’s speed. That’s who I think it is, but I hope it’s someone else entirely: Meghan Markle. Probably a pipe dream because it’s unlikely she would do such a splashy piece of press while they are fighting the Daily Mail in court. 

“Achingly beautiful” – oh she’s in deep. This is Angelina and Billy Bob talking about f-cking in the limo deep.


Keith Urban is promoting a new album, The Speed of Now. What is the speed of now? Not sure how everyone else is feeling but my pandemic pace is somewhere between slug and tortoise. 

Do you think Nicole Richie’s daughter has watched The Simple Life yet? 


There are a few more celebs who are coming to Ellen DeGeneres’s defense (Ashton Kutcher, Diane Keaton and Kevin Hart). It’s pretty obvious to everyone except them that celebrities and on-air talent are not treated the same way a PA is treated. My opinion is that once a celebrity reaches a certain stature they become loyal to the system that keeps them there. These are the celebs who are publicly defending her and my hunch is that behind the scenes, it’s even bigger names lending private support. As Lainey and I have said about Ellen many times, the online conversation doesn’t necessarily line up to her real-life audience. Kevin Hart’s post supporting her has one million likes. She hasn’t been able to be back in the studio but when, and if, she gets in front of them, my guess is it will be a warm welcome. 

Rachel Bloom is always a real one.