Chrissy Teigen could post about literally anything and it will inspire “10 Times Chrissy Teigen Won Twitter” or “3 Times Chrissy Teigen was Relatable AF on Instagram” stories. Her social media feed is a cottage industry. I’m not mad at it – I really enjoy her and I think when we one day look back at this era in pop culture, she will get her due as an early adopter of new media. Which is why I find it so curious that her dad got a tattoo of her face (her face!) and we aren’t talking about it as much as we need to be. This is kind of major. I feel like this is what we all should be talking about – would you be OK with a parent getting a tattoo of your FACE? On their arm? The only other person I can think of who has done this is, like, Eminem. 


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I’ve talked about the re-emergence of Sam Lutfi in this space a few times – he was managing Courtney Love and is involved in the bizarre kidnapping accusation made by Frances Bean’s ex-husband (actor Ross Butler is mixed up in that as well). I was worried about Courtney, but she has now cut him off – she was recently granted a restraining order against Sam. Things have gone south, which is no surprise; what is surprising is that Sam f-cked with the wrong one this time. Courtney has been through it; she is not a vulnerable and sheltered pop star with an image to protect. She is a fighter, and a public fighter at that. I feel confident in her ability to defend herself.  But beyond this particular incident, I do wonder how he keeps gaining access to celebrities and infiltrating their inner circles. Who is hanging out with Sam Lutfi, and why?


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It’s the Biebers’ first Christmas as a married couple and because they are religious, I assume it’s a big deal. Who do you think they’ll be spending it with – his family or hers? Or will they split it? Because between Justin’s mom, his dad’s young family, and her family drama (Stephen Baldwin was allegedly caught messing around with a masseuse by the Daily Mail, though he denies it), it’s going to be a very busy holiday season. Maybe they will just escape somewhere warm.


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Matt Damon and Lindsay Shookus had dinner together in NYC ahead of his appearance on SNL. Did they get straight to the point and talk about Ben, or did they kind of dance around it?


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Have you read Girl, Wash Your Face? It’s not on my to-do, but it’s been regularly popping up on celebrity social media feeds. The only reason I’m posting about it is because I’d like to mention Laura Turner’s article in BuzzFeed, “Girl, Wash Your Face is a Massive Bestseller with a Dark Message” which explores the “curated imperfection” that is gaining popularity with lifestyle influencers. Its’ a trend I have been noticing that is geared toward women: be messy, but keep it cute. It’s a new type of exhausting fakery. 


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Reading the comments on this, everyone loves Emily Blunt. 


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