The Office gifs are pretty popular on Twitter, and a few weeks back this clip was making the rounds as an example of a perfect piece of comedy. A revival may be in the works with some of the original cast members (but definitely minus Steve Carell). In my opinion, the two seasons without him were mediocre (not unusual for the life cycle of a network comedy) but the finale was well done. And a lot of it still holds up, like the sexual harassment seminar. Go back and watch episode; basically Michael Scott is Matt Damon.


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But a reboot of The Nanny? Yes, please

Future has a great stylist. He should be on every best dressed list.


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Here’s a theoretical question for you (and specifically, Duana): you are given 3 sets of tickets to Broadway shows, Hamilton, Dear Evan Hansen and Springsteen on Broadway. But they are all for the same night. Which show do you choose? Broadway Sophie’s choice!


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Taylor Swift’s app is having some major issues. Did her team learn nothing from the Rennerinos?  


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Mariah is moving tour dates in order to make it “much bigger in 2018.” So is it simply a matter of production timelines or something else? With the elusive butterfly chanteuse, we never really know.


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Titanic was released 20 years ago today in Canada. I still haven’t seen it. Don’t feel like I’m missing out. 

Truly one of the bright lights of 2017. Are you watching Crazy Ex-Girlfriend? This is to me what Friday Night Lights is to Lainey. I will nag you to death about it.


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A collection of Wreath Witherspoons with a cameo by a Jingle Bell (The) Rock.