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It’s been a minute since we talked about Wendi Deng and her fascinating web of friendships and social connections. For the last year, Wendi has been dating Bertold Zahoran, a model. She’s 49, he’s 22. Wendi and Bertold are in St Barts, where the obscenely wealthy spend the holidays, and last night they were at a party on a yacht, along with Paul McCartney and Stella McCartney and Derek Blasberg, who's never far from elite nucleus. Bertold has great timing. He just posted this today, to let us know that he reads. 


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I love it when Seth Rogen tweets about or at his mother. His mother has excellent taste in movies. I also watched some Die Hards over Christmas. By that I mean the first two, the second being the superior. PS. Seth was confirmed as a presenter at the Golden Globes today. 

Kerry Washington was also just confirmed as a presenter at the Golden Globes today. She also announced, like many other celebrities, that she’s taking a social media break to close out the year. Given that the Golden Globes happen pretty much as soon as the year begins, I often wonder if “going quiet” at the end of December is just a euphemism for detox and hitting the gym hard. To be a successful celebrity means that every December, you can’t sprawl on the couch and eat Oreos because there’s always a f-cking red carpet looming in January. 

Francia Raisa made a lot of headlines in 2017 because she is the friend who donated her kidney to Selena Gomez. Let’s talk about Francia independent from Selena. Because we are less than a week away from the premiere of grown-ish! And she’s one of the stars, alongside Yara Shahidi. Also Francia just went Instagram public with her boyfriend, Chris Adkins who’s worked as a cinematographer on black-ish so Yara probably set them up?



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Lupita is in Cuba. Flip to that second photo of her in glasses. She looks like a teenager!


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Last New Year’s, Olivia Munn and Aaron Rodgers were still together. This New Year’s, she’s hanging out with Gabrielle Union. I’d call that a f-cking upgrade. And remember when everyone was so quick to blame her for coming between him and his family? Olivia and Aaron have been broken up since April. He STILL isn’t talking to his family. Please. It was never about Olivia. But they all let her take that sh-t anyway. 


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