The misspelling energy around Ariana is strong right now. 

John Mayer’s song, "Heart of Life", is being adapted into a series about two sets of siblings who find each other as adults. Back in August, I talked about "Hey There Delilah" also being turned into a series, so is this officially a trend? At least it’s a break from reboots.


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And speaking of reboots, apparently there is talk of a new Gossip Girl. Too soon. Way too soon. 


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Beyoncé issued a challenge on social media that ties into her 22-Days Nutrition partnership with the long-winded Marco Borges. Those who participate in The Green Print can enter to win a lifetime of tickets to Beyoncé and Jay Z’s concerts – that’s a very good incentive. So far, her mom Tina, Kelly Rowland, DJ Khaled and Jessica Alba have accepted the challenge (there are several forms, from meatless Monday to committing to plant-based breakfast). Besides this, she’s been active on Instagram lately, showing off her outfits. This one is my favourite so far this year, it’s from Dries Van Noten’s menswear collection. 


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I know zombies are so beyond done but I can’t help but be a little excited about Zombieland 2. The fact that they were able to reassemble the whole cast, including Oscar winner Emma Stone and prickly Jesse Eisenberg, tells me they have a really good script. 

Gisele is on the cover of the spring issue of Porter and the article highlights an excerpt from her book we’ve seen before, “Was I alone in wanting to do some serious soul-searching while he stayed the same? In the end, unfortunately, the answer was yes.” Who stayed the same? Well, we know who it is: Leonardo DiCaprio. She definitely wasn’t wrong.


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Taylor Swift’s go-to video director (and one of her biggest defenders) Joseph Kahn is still salty about the Kardashians. 

How long has Rachel Bilson been waiting to post this throwback? They look like babies. 


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