Of course Twitter was excited about Rihanna’s pregnancy and there were so many funny tweets and I could have picked 100 of them but I’ll keep it at two. “Sliding down a wall” hahahahahahahha. 


Goldie Hawn wrote an op-ed for USA Today on how COVID has potentially traumatized a generation of kids and she notes other extreme times of crisis like the threat of nuclear war, the Challenger explosion, and 9/11 (traumatizing for those who watched and for Muslim children who had to live with the Islamaphobia that was and is rampant). I read the article and one thing that really sticks out is that she didn’t mention school shootings as a major mental health stressor, something that has weighed heavily on American children since Columbine. It’s such a glaring omission and I wonder if it’s because she didn’t want to get into politics (gun control) or if it’s because that was never something top-of-mind for her because her children went to schools with security? 


Kanye West has opinions and everyone has opinions on his opinions but him taking the time to write a note to tell everyone to stop asking him about the jpeg apes is maybe the funniest thing he’s ever done. 


This caught my eye because I thought it was Frances McDormand but it’s actually Amy Sedaris in The Book of Boba Fett. I don’t know who Boba Fett is – do I need to figure it out?


Jenna Dewan was as backup dancer for Janet Jackson and is still a huge fan, which tells you a lot about how Janet runs her team.