Pink feathers, a bejeweled belt and strappy silver shoes with a ponytail that is not quite high and not low – this whole look on Anna Kendrick screams 2008. It’s aggressively out of date.


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During an interview promoting Isn’t It Romantic, Rebel Wilson told Extra that Liam Hemsworth was hospitalized overnight. This would be Saturday night, before the Grammys. Miley’s performance, a tribute to her godmother Dolly, went ahead. We can assume Liam is fine (maybe he had food poisoning or something?) but I wonder if Rebel accidentally let that info slip out and maybe she wasn’t supposed to. 


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Lindsay Lohan has set her Instagram account to private fairly recently, because that’s just what someone trying to make a comeback on reality TV needs: privacy from the public.


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Why can’t I get excited for this? I feel nothing. 


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Let’s keep the Aniston birthday train going for a little longer – Amy Sedaris posted this photo. Amy and Justin are very good friends (I believe she was best man at their wedding) so obviously I will be watching to see if he hits that like button. Update tomorrow. 


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