Riley Keough is keeping the long hair for the Daisy Jones & the Six press tour and I like the continuity. 


It’s day three of me writing about Kelsea Ballerini and Morgan Evans. Sorry? First, she appeared on Call Her Daddy to talk about her divorce and said she gave up half her house to him. Then he released a statement on Instagram. Now, there’s a Page Six story about Kelsea allegedly cheating on Morgan with Drew Taggart (from The Chainsmokers; he’s most recently been spotted with Selena Gomez). So, there are a few different possibilities here. It seems like she poked the bear and spoke about his character (regarding the house) and he decided to leak the story. But is it true? Is this a “f-ck around and find out” leak or is this the work of a vengeful ex? Either way, once a story like this gets out it is very hard to control because a denial will not get nearly as much attention. And denying it is to continue the headlines. Both have shown they will to go tit for tat, so where do they go from here? They are divorced and don’t share children, so if I was on their team I would advise a clean break. 


I wrote about the Jeremy Strong GQ profile yesterday and this tweet makes a great point: is Brian Cox method acting with his constant negging of Jeremy? Well well well, how the turntables….


We’re all down for the occasional social media beef if it’s authentic, but this constant reaching between Selena Gomez and Hailey Bieber (and their friends, like Kylie Jenner) is extremely silly. Selena, Hailey and even Kylie have all made it clear there’s no issue, which then drives some fandom conspiracies. 


Every friend group has this couple and we love them for the theatre kid/technical crew energy. 


Do siblings fall under the nepo baby umbrella or is it a separate category? I feel like they deserve their own category because they often have to fight for the spotlight. At least they can get their own nepo distinction. 

Do you watch Tanara’s cooking videos on TikTok? Her handle is @tanaradoublechocolate and if this is new to you, you’re welcome and I’m sorry (because you will want to watch them all). If I made a cooking video and Tanara called it “creative” I would retire my spatula forever.


#greenscreenvideo I’m Back !!! I GOT TAGGED A LOT IN THIS ONE! Thank y’all 🤣😂 Video Credits @JaneBrain #fyp #comedy #everybodysocreative #philly #viral #food #cooking

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