A lot of social media (particularly Twitter) is hating on the series of W Magazine covers shot by Juergen Teller and my understanding is that people think the photos are too ordinary and too simple, like they are candids taken on an iPhone. It’s precisely that reason that I really like them. Maybe it’s because I look at Instagram’s overly-produced aesthetic too much, but I appreciate the sparseness of these. 


There’s an oral history of the Lost ending in Vulture and I’m going to read it because still, after watching it and reading the theories and all of the articles, I don’t get it. 


Do I want you to read Duana’s piece on Judy Blume’s Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret ? Yes, it’s one of my favourite books and I’m not just saying that to justify including this tweet. 

Actress Mara Wilson wrote about her experience as a young and popular actor and what she calls The Narrative, the expectation that she would succumb to the child star curse. She writes, “Hollywood has resolved to tackle harassment in the industry, but I was never sexually harassed on a film set. My sexual harassment always came at the hands of the media and the public.” She also notes she has a supportive family that wasn’t interested in fame and didn’t live off of her career (she knew her money was safe). It’s an interesting read from someone who has actually lived in that rarefied world.


Viola Davis got the full Icy Park kit and so did her daughter Genesis. How many points did that earn mom?