I usually post about celebrity birthday wishes but I’m changing it up to a congratulatory message. This one is from GP and it is for her cousin Sam and his wife, Jenna. Gwyneth is glowing, per usual, Brad is looking at her adoringly (his default setting) and the groom looks handsome, but the bride? We don’t know about her expression because her back is turned to the camera. It’s so glaring that I almost think it was done on purpose. G is a lot of things, but she is not tacky. Excluding the bride would be a pretty big faux-pas, unless she requested some privacy. (Do you think G gifted them a vagina candle? They are a hot commodity and sold out.)


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Yes there were a lot of notable Oscar snubs, but I was pleasantly surprised to see Klaus on the Best Animated Feature list. Disney’s Frozen 2 didn’t make the cut and fans are upset, but it made a trillion dollars. Let it go. (Ugh, sorry.)


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Are you doing dry January? Or Cali sober January? For some people, this is a month to reset from holiday gluttony.

JLo doesn’t drink and has said it’s not good for the skin. I completely believe she doesn’t drink but… what else does she do for her skin. She’s mentioned products here and there, but what else? There must be lasers involved.


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Netflix posted a release date for Miss Americana, January 31, but the date has disappeared from Netflix’s website. Don’t toy with Swifties.


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Speaking of Swifties, there’s a constant stream of fights on Twitter between them and Selenators vs. Beliebers. It’s like white noise now – a steady and vicious back-and-forth of a fan accounts arguing over numbers and wishing each other the plague.


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Kesha met Nic Cage at the premiere for his movie, Color Out of Space. I quickly Googled it and found a fun factoid: it is directed by Richard Stanley, who hasn’t directed a feature-length movie since he was fired from The Island of Dr. Moreau. How did this movie get greenlit? Petition for Sarah to review it. 


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I converted this to Celsius because I wasn’t sure about the temperature. Yes, it’s cold. Oprah is kind of shocked by that, but she lived in Chicago for years so I don’t think it’s that she’s never felt it that cold, but she’s no longer acclimated to it. She looks physically pained by it.


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