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Michael Che and Colin Jost are known to be prickly babies on the Internet. Basically they, particularly Che, seek out people who don’t think SNL is funny and they get huffy about it. This story in The Outline is by writer and podcaster Jack Allison who has been in a months-long feud online feud with Che. It brings up so many interesting points about the necessity of criticism and the famous comedians who lament cancel culture, but want a safe space for their work – to them, audiences are both too harsh and too sensitive. I’ll be honest in that I am biased against Che and Jost and Allison won me over with this line: “The reason why I hate modern SNL is very simple: I’ve watched it.” Here are some screenshot responses from Che’s Instagram. 


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I love that Justin Bieber thanked his dermatologist, by name! I want to hear all about people’s great dermatologists. 


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Mr. Peanuts died and they announced it on social media.

Did the Pillsbury Doughboy have something to do with it? Or the Energizer Bunny? Everyone’s a suspect!


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Lady Gaga has had a leak and she needs everyone to chill the f-ck out. 

Dolly Parton has started the LinkedIn/Facebook/Instagram/Tinder challenge that everyone is doing. Andy Cohen’s is great. Jennifer Garner’s is delightful. Ryan Seacrest is the human embodiment of LinkedIn. 


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The Office cast reunites as much as the Friends cast. This photo is like a nice big pot of chilli. 


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Diane Kruger is a Fran stan. She (Fran) has an upcoming show on NBC called Indebted, about a mid-life couple struggling with medical debt. Kinda dark, actually. 


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I don’t know why Diplo is on The Price is Right. We just have to accept he is everywhere. If Diplo shows up at your place of work, pay him no mind. He’s omnipresent. 


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