Last night I messaged Lainey about Mo’Nique’s newest interview in Vulture, which is a must read. The interviewer, Malcolm-Aimé Musoni asks all the right questions, and she doesn’t skimp on her answers. Even if you don’t agree with her tactics, Mo’Nique has never had widespread support and we have to ask why. As she says, “See, Rosie O’Donnell never has to work again if she don’t want to. Roseanne Barr, Ellen DeGeneres, Tina Fey, Melissa McCarthy, the list goes on. Tell me about the black ones. Tell me about the black ones.” Where is the lie?


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I’ve become slightly enamoured with Beanie Feldstein’s Instagram feed since she posted Jonah Hill’s birthday gift. Her next film is Booksmart, which director Olivia Wilde said is “Clueless meets Dazed and Confused.” There’s been a lot of discussion about the resurgence of the rom-com, but not so much on the resurgence of the high school movie (I’d put Blockers, To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before and Dumplin’ in that category). Is it back, or did it never go away? Or am I totally wrong and those are movies for adults about teens, but actual teenagers have no interest in them?


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Gina Rodrgiuez is promoting a movie and announced a Jane the Virgin spin-off series, but that’s not what she’s making headlines for right now. And it seems like her attempt to fix it has made it worse. She is back on social media (with comments disabled).


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I have no idea how the Academy determines who is asked to join (here is a list from 2018) but Awkwafina has to be on the list for 2019, right? 


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I’ve only seen a couple of Star Wars movies (as an adult, I never watched them as a kid), but I had to Google “why wasn’t Luke a prince?” and whew, chill Star Wars dudes. The comments are a mess. 


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David Beckham posted this before Victoria and PEOPLE had a very positive story about them yesterday. If this is a new strategy, I’m into it– focus more on the US media and less on stamping down rumours from the UK.