Lindsay Lohan has gone viral before (remember the dance?) and she has again on TikTok. Here’s the recap: Lindsay got a request on Cameo from a woman named Alana, who was nervous about coming out to her parents so she wanted Lindsay to do it for her. Lindsay made a video for Alana, encouraging her to do it herself, saying in part “I think that coming from you, you’ll feel a lot of power and strength.” Lindsay’s message was kind and encouraging, so Alana posted it on TikTok, where it got a lot of support. Great for everyone (including Alana, who came out to her parents). But then Lindsay’s team emailed Alana, asking her to take it down. She doesn’t have to, per Cameo’s rules, so it’s still up. But why would Lindsay’s team do that, considering it’s such a positive and well-received video? Why does she always get in her own way like this?


Someone asked Martha Stewart where she got the dog collars and she responded “Van Cleef or Cartier I cannot remember!!” and that is why she is an unparalleled icon.


Yes Michael B. Jordan commented “Vibes” and put this in his stories. 

Have you been following the totally wild and completely bonkers GameStop stock drama? If not, click here. One day they are going to make a Wolf of Wall Street style movie out of this and George Clooney will play a hedge fund manager and Tom Holland will be a Redditor. Tom Cruise should play Elon Musk! At the end he can take a rocket to Mars. 


Asians are massively underrepresented on TV but this year, there’s been a slight uptick on reality TV (including Real Housewives of Dallas and Beverly Hills). Netflix’s Bling Empire focuses on wealthy Asians living in Los Angeles but doesn’t treat them as a monolith. The cast includes a Korean-American adopted into a white family, a Japanese-Russian woman (whose father is an alleged arms dealer), a Vietnamese DJ, a Singaporean trust fund 20-something and a Chinese socialite who takes pride in her husband’s royal lineage. While it’s their culture that ties them together, it’s also how that culture rubs against American values and individualism. And they are rich rich. They make the Kardashians look like paupers. I’m on my third episode and want to read a really juicy deep dive into it. (Lainey: if you’re curious about Christine Chiu, Harper’s Bazaar spent time with her at Paris Couture Week back in the fall of 2019 and you will love every word of this piece by Chrissy Rutherford.)


I didn’t watch Revenge but “per usual I was not invited” has me intrigued. 

The consistently delightful Stanley Tucci is releasing a book,  Taste: My Life Through Food. A cookbook or a memoir told through recipes? Either way, you know it’s going to be charming.